2º ciclo, Send me your opinion

Send me your opinion: Your hobbies

Hi guys!
I like doing exercises in the morning and I like reading a book at night. I don’t like playing cards or playing computer games. What about you?

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email address:englishforcarei@gmail.com

10 opiniones sobre “Send me your opinion: Your hobbies”

  1. Hello ticher my name is Sheila .
    I like talking photos ,
    i love taking to friends,
    I like paint our drowin but
    i don´t like playing football
    and playing Frisbee

  2. Hello my name is Marcos Abad.I like talking to friends,playing Frisbee and doing exercises in the morning.I like playing cards and reading comics at night but i’don’t like playing board games,playing golf,painting or drawing in the evening.

  3. I like talking to friends and playing golf I like playing cards but I dont lime skipping and taking photos im Ivan

  4. **CORREGIDO**
    I like talking to friends and playing golf.I like playing cards but I don’t like skipping and taking photos.
    Im Iván.

  5. I´m Uxia
    I like talking to friends in the morning ,skippingin the afternoon,playing board games in the evening and taking photos at night but I don`t like playing Frisbee ,playing golf or playing football .

  6. hello ,i like playing cards and playing golf but i don t like playing frisbee and playing singing .i like pllaying fotball .i don t like rollerblade.

  7. Hello!
    I like skipping,doing exercises and tolking to friends,but I don’t like playing cards,footboll or washing up.😼

  8. I’ m Daniel. I like playing golf and talking to friends in the afternoon, playing the recorder in the evening but i don’t like skipping or playing the tamboril.

  9. Dear quest team.
    Last monday I was at the football stadium with my family.On tuesday I wasn’t at the airport but I was at the shopping centre with my dad.On wednesday I was at the market with my mum. On thursday I wasn’t at the palace with my family,but I was at school with my friends. On Friday I was at the supermarket . On saturday morning I was at the football stadium again and in the afternoon I was at home . On sunday morning I was at the train station with my family and,in the afternoon I was in Madrid with my family.

    Bye Rubén.

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