Good books about animals

Dear Zoo

If you could write to the zoo to send you a pet. What kind of pet would you like from the zoo?

In this lift-the-flap book written by Rod Campbell, you’ll discover many zoo animals! Some are HEAVY, some are SCARY, some are JUMPY, some are DANGEROUS! Which one is your favorite?

After reading “Dear Zoo”, you can work with the vocabulary on the story with this online worksheets. Enjoy them!


The origins of Halloween

Halloween was originally a Celtic festival, celebrated in the British Isles, called Samhain. The Celts believed that on the last night of October the souls of the dead visited the earth.

The Romans adopted the festival too and it spread.

When the Catholic church began celebrating All Soul’s Day on the first of November, the mass was called the mass of All Hallows, so the evening before was called Hallowe’en, the evening before All Hallows.

Nowadays, Halloween is celebrated in many countries all over the world.

Bunting Vector Vintage - St Patricks Day Bunting , Transparent Cartoon -

Let’s see how people celebrate this festivity in the UK.

Jack and his family are preparing for the Halloween party tonight. They make some scary food, carve a pumpkin, dress into costumes and have fun!

Watch the clip about a British family celebrating Halloween. Meanwhile, choose the correct answer.

Autumn projects

Autumn project review


Winter is here again! But Autumn left in kindergarten a wide variety of fun activities, crafts, songs , TPR activities and a colourful story called “Brown Bear, What do you see?”

O inverno xa voltou pero o outono nos deixou unha chea de actividades, cancións e un maravilloso conto titulado “Brown Bear, What do you see?”

2018-12-22_1928Based on an Eric Carle’s story published in 1967, I designed this story to help children associate colours and meaning to objects through colourful pictures and a simple repetitive language. This rhythmic story is a perfect introduction to looking and learning about colours, numbers, animals and other common fall things.

Seguindo a idea de Eric Carle, diseñei este conto para axudar aos rapaces a asociar as cores e significado de distintas palabras relacionadas con esta estación a través de imaxes moi coloridas e empregando unha linguaxe repetitiva.

After working with this book, my children were able to tell the story and sing the song by their own. It was fantastic!

Ao final, foron quen de contarme e interpretar as cancións eles soiños. O resultado foi maravilloso!

This project offers a wide range of math, literary skills,working across the curriculum to incorporate play, imagination and art.


Beginning sounds and ABC



Counting, sizes and patterns



Discovering autumn colours



Talking about our preferencies



Terrifying Halloween memories

Last October 31, a spooky Halloween party was held at school.  Scary pumpkins, frightened costumes and creepy games…… It was the most terrifying party ever!!!!!

Online Photo Editor | piZap | Free Photo Editor & Collage Maker
Online Photo Editor | piZap | Free Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Take a look at our video. You can’t miss it!!!!!!

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Creepy, Scary, Spooky Halloween

Halloween is one of our favourite English celebrations. We have a Pumpkin Contest every year and everybody brings spooky creepy pumpkins. What about this year? Are your pumpkins ready?

Do you know how British children celebrate Halloween in the UK? Take a look at this video!


This year, the topic chosen for the Halloween decoration is” spiders”.So, let’s learn this  Super Simple  Halloweeen counting song. Enjoy it!


Welcome back to school

dj_b2school_backtoschoolblock_cWelcome back to the 2014-2015 school year.

We are in September and the summer holidays are over. We meet our friend and now it’s time to start working again. This year we have lots of plans, activities and projects to do. I hope you enjoy them.

 Here you have a video about the first day of school.  It’s a very important day!!!

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