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Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is here but during last week we have been getting ready to welcome Christmas.

This year, my children in kindergarten have been learning and singing this cute song about Santa which has helped them practice basic prepositions of place in a super fun way. Below is the video for you to sing it and practise it at home.

We also made our own Santa artcrafts to take home. Aren’t they cute?

Christmas, Christmas readings

ᖴᥲtᖾᥱɾ ᙅᖾɩɾ⳽tຕᥲ⳽ ᥒᥱᥱᑯ ᥲ ωᥱᥱ

It’s Christmas time🎄 , so in our English lessons we’ve been reading and working on funny story of what happened to  🎅🏻 Father Christmas one Christmas Eve.

 📢 You can listen to it as many times as you want as well as play with this genially created by Olga Pérez Roffes.

3º ciclo, Christmas, OUR PROJECTS, Surveys

C͆H͆R͆I͆S͆T͆M͆A͆S͆ S͆U͆R͆V͆E͆Y͆

Surveys are one of my favourite activities. And my students probably think the same. They really enjoy them!

They can be used for just about any level as a warm-up activity, to have interesting conversations about the topic we are learning or a way to collect information for writing about our partners. They are ideal because they can cover the 4 skills in a single activity. Students not only have to listen and speak, but also students have to take notes on answers or write their own questions.

We use them once a week in our classes, for a huge variety of topics: sports, hobbies, subjects, routines, food, Tv series,… As Christmas was around the corner, we decided that this would be the topic of our survey.


Before the class I spoke to the school staff and arranged for my class to survey the different primary classes and the staff. I tell the teachers that we were going to do a survey on Christmas and arranged a time to go into their classes.

Moreover, we read a text about surveys and methods to collect information and instruments to represent the data. We learnt lot of interesting things.


I told my own class we were going to do a class survey at school. Firstly, we had to think of the topic, the method and the instrument for our survey. We brainstormed topics on the blackboard .Once there was a list of topics on the blackboard, we voted and chose “Favourite part of Christmas”.

Then, I asked them the Christmas survey question “What’s your favourite part of Chirstmas?” and wrote their answers on the blackboard and thought of other possible answers. They selected six of the options for our survey.

Finally, they sort themselves into pairs and chose a class for doing the survey. Besides, they decided that it would be important to have any kind of visual aid(pictograms) for the youngest classes.


Before doing the survey, I did the following things:

  • Give out the survey worksheet
  • Read through the survey and check pronunciation.
  • Ask the class to prepare themselves for the survey.
  • Go to the other classes and carry out the survey

After the survey, each pair drew a pie chart based on their results and wrote a brief report. Finally, we collected all the reports in a book. That was a good way to bring the activity to a close.



Time goes by pretty fast! We’ve got a few days left to enjoy our Christmas break, but before returning to normal daily routines I would like to show how we prepared for Christmas at school.


We let our imagination and creativity take flight creating lovely Christmas cards.




As children have been good this year, the smallest ones wrote Santa a letter asking for their favourite toys. I ´m sure Santa made their wishes come true.


This Christmas wish tree is a nice little school project at Christmas time, to help children think about the real meaning of Christmas. We used  different colour Christmas balls and bells for each student  from Level 3 to Level 6.


With all my heart I wish you rich blessings and all the best for the New Year.

2º ciclo, Christmas


On 25th December English people eat a big lunch or dinner.They eat turkey with gravy, roast potaoes, sprouts and other vegetable. For dessert, they have hot Christmas pudding.

They pull Christmas crackers at the table. There are paper hats and presents in the crackers.

Here you have my students’ Christmas dinner. Delicious!