2º ciclo, 3º ciclo, WORLD MISSION


Are you ready for a new mission?

Little Toad has a terrible flu and the evil Wario wants to keep all the medicines.

Mario must cross the mushroom kingdom in search of the antidote for the disease before it spreads and makes everyone sick.

Every time you beat a level, Mario will get the medicines to heal Little Toad.

2º ciclo, level 3, level 3

World Mission 2: My favourite subject

Here you have our last mission in Level 3

What an interesting mission!This time, they had to write about school timetables and their favourite school day and favourite subject.

It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

The mission had different levels:

Level 1: Complete your timetable

Level 2: Write a draft

Level 3: Prepare the writing

Level 4: Make an oral presentation


2º ciclo, level 4, level 4, Surveys

World Mission 2: A TV interest survey

World Mission 2 is completed in Level 4.

In this new mission, students found out about TV interest in their class and wrote a short report.To do so, they had to beat different levels:

  • Level 1: Write a questionare
  • Level 2: Interview a friend
Level 2: Interview
  • Level 5: Give an oral presentation


2º ciclo, level 4, WORLD MISSION

World Mission 1 in Grade 4

World Mission 1 in Grade 4 is over.

The last part of World Mission 1 involves presenting students’ works and analizing them. It “allows students to develop a deeper insight into the quality of their own work through the assessment of peers’ work. Students take responsibility for assessing the work of their peers using the assessment criteria.”

What are the pros?

  • students take responsibility for making assessment judgments and learn how to evaluate work by their peers
  • students develop the skills to reflect on and evaluate their own work
  • students learn from formulating feedback to their peers
  • students receive a broader range of feedback from multiple peer assessors, who are working on a similar task, and are at a similar stage in learning
  • students are motivated to engage with the assessment task, and to engage in dialogue about feedback

    Excerpt from the article “Peer assessment” published by Learning and Teaching Hub @Bath

    A derradeira parte da misión consiste en presentar os traballos e analizalos. Isto permite ao alumnado desenvolver unha visión máis profunda da calidade do seu propio traballo a través da avaliación do traballo dos seus compañeiros. Os estudantes asumen a responsabilidade de avaliar o traballo dos seus compañeiros utilizando os criterios de avaliación.

    Cales son as vantaxes?

    • Os estudantes asumen a responsabilidade de emitir xuízos de avaliación e aprenden a avaliar o traballo dos seus compañeiros.
    • Os estudantes asumen a responsabilidade de emitir xuízos de avaliación e aprenden a avaliar o traballo dos seus compañeiros.
    • Os estudantes aprenden formulando retroalimentación aos seus compañeiros.
    • Os estudantes reciben unha gama máis ampla de comentarios de múltiples pares avaliadores, que están a traballar nunha tarefa similar e atópanse nunha etapa similar de aprendizaxe.
    • Os estudantes están motivados para participar na tarefa de avaliación e establecer un diálogo sobre a retroalimentación.

    Estracto do artículo “Peer assessment” publicado por Learning and Teaching Hub @Bath

    Here you have the missions

    1º ciclo, 2º ciclo, 3º ciclo, Halloween.

    Halloween Escape “School”

    During this week, students participated in a special Halloween/Samaín Escape "School" . It has been the first time we organize this type of activity and I have to admit that I had never seen students so excited and engaged in an activity.

    Ao longo da semana, os rapeces e rapazas participaron nun Escape “School” moi especial. Esta é a primeira vez que organizamos no centro este tipo de actividade e teño que admitir que nunca antes os vira tan involucrados e entusiasmados nunha actividade.

    One of the most important reasons to organize an Escape room is that while children work together, they must use their skills and knowledge to help the group.They have to learn to play as a team!!!!

    Unha das razóns máis importante para realizar un Escape room é que os rapaces e rapazas deben empregar as súas habilidades e coñecementos para axudar ao grupo. Deben aprender a actuar como un equipo!!!

    Three witch sisters, the Sandersons have returned in Halloween to create havoc at school and children have to solve different puzzles in different rooms: the English room, the ICT room, the Music room, the gym and the library.

    If they are able to solve each puzzle, they will get code to open the spellbook and send the witches back to the spellbook.

    But, they only have 30 minutes to complete the challenge!!!

    As tres irmáns Sanderson retornaron en Halloween para crear estragos no cole e os nenos e nenas teñen que resolver distintas probas en certos lugares do cole(a clase de inglés, a biblioteca, a clase de música, a de informática e o ximnasio) para acadar un código que permita abrir o libro de conxuros das bruxas e devolelas a onde nunca deberon de sair.

    Pero so teñen 30 minutos para completar as probas!!!!

    2º ciclo

    🗨️​Let’s Speak!

    Dialogues and short conversations allow students to develop their oral skills as well as they gain self-confidence when the work in pairs. So, after practising the vocabulary and the main phrases through different games, we were ready to have a short conversation.

    In this occasion, after greeting each other, they began by asking simple personal questions practicing a role play in turns. All they did their best! Congrats!!!!!