Telling the time

Learning how to tell the time may seem tricky , but don't be afraid because this funny tutorial video will support you to learn this topic. It is perfect to help you learn how to tell the time to the hour , half past the hour and quarter past / to the hour.

What time is it?

Are you ready to learn how to say the time in English? Don't worry because it is really easy. Let's start with "O'CLOCK" When the long hand is pointing to number 12, we say "O'CLOCK". Here you have a picture to help you. Can you tell the time? Let's practice together! LET'S PRACTISE A LITTLE... Seguir lendo →

Telling the time in Level 6

Let's learn how to say the time in English. It is very easy. Watch this video and take a look at the picture to learn more time in English. Let's practise o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to   Now, let's practice more times in English        

Tick Tock Time

Here you have a simple video to help you learn telling the time. And now, it's time to sing a funny song to practise telling the time. Click on the clocks and  enjoy a great selection of games to practise telling the time.

What time is it?

Let's practise for the test in level 4. As we are working  in a unit about "routines and the time",these exercises can help you to review and practise "THE TIME". I hope you enjoy them. You can try more exercises in our former posts in category  "Times". Tendes moitos máis exercicios na categoría " Times"

Telling the time I

Let's have fun learning how to tell the time in English. Here you have some easy online exercises I have created specially for you. You can practise o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Enjoy them! ................................................................................... Imos a divertirnos aprendendo a dicir as horas en inglés. Aquí tendes uns sinxelos exercicios online que fixen... Seguir lendo →

What’s the time?

Let's practice the time in English. Click on the picture below. ********************************* Imos practicar as horas en inglés. Clicade na imaxe. More activities in order to practice the time.


What´s the time? Here you have a video to learn how to tell the time.                             Now, it´s time to practise what you have learnt.        

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