World Mission 4: Animal book

What is your favourite wild animal? What does it look like? What can it do? In this new mission, students in Level 3 had to write a book about a wild animal. In order to decide what animal they were going to write about, we wrote on some pieces of paper all the animals they... Seguir lendo →

The Very Hungry Caterpillar box

Who doesn't know this book? This quite simple book is a must-read for spring or for a bug theme.This book teaches kids the days of the week, colours and shapes, what food the caterpillar eats,and even offers a little counting or science lesson. Quen non coñece este libro? Esta é unha lectura moi sinxela imprescindible... Seguir lendo →

ESL activities:Running dictations

Running dictation is one of the most amusing and engaging ESL collaborative activities. What makes running dictation so popular among teachers and students is because it practices the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The Art of the Running Dictation for the American English Live Teacher Professional Development Series "RUNNING DICTATION" é unha... Seguir lendo →


Are you ready for a new mission? On this occasion, Donkey Kong needs your help. Do you want to know more about him?. Here you have his character card. Under the control of a group of the evil TIKI TAK Tribe, the animals of Donkey Kong Island have stolen Kong's Banana Hoard . You will... Seguir lendo →

Easter time

We are on Easter holidays!. Time for Bunnies, food, candies and chocolate egg hunts. Last week, we celebrated this festivity with some crafts from Krokotak. These creative Easter activities  are perfect for the classroom, and you’ll find activities to improve students' fine motor skills, and just-for-fun crafts! They are so cute!


Guessing games is a game to guess a thing, person or place, the one of student or group mention the clues and other students as a guesser guess that thing, person or place. Guessing game becomes an interesting technique which can be implemented by English teachers to teach speaking. Besides,guessing game can help teacher to hire... Seguir lendo →


Do you know a superwoman? We do. And they all are always close to us. Last Mach, 8th we celebrated at school a special date. "International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic,... Seguir lendo →


Where do you live? In a big city or in a small village. Do you like your hometown? Do you want to know where we live? This time, my students had to write about the place they live. Some of us live in a very small village called Forcarei . Others live in the country,... Seguir lendo →

Walking Through the Jungle

Do you want to be an explorer? Let's walk through the jungle. What animals can you see? What can you hear? Walk and creep and wade... but be careful who you might find out there! Walking Through a Jungle a story by Julie Lacome, is one of my students' favourite book about animals. It is... Seguir lendo →

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