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Weather wheel

If you are teaching how to talk about the weather, you can use our new spinner. It focuses on the vocabulary worked in our unit 3 : raining, sunny, snowing, foggy,windy, cloudy, hot and cold.

Students in Level 1 started making this spinner today. They traced, coloured and cut them, but previously, we practiced the new vocabulary with some oral games and singing this funny song. They enjoyed it! Do you dare to sing it along with us? Try it!

Click here to download the resource


Days, months and weather.

Que día é hoxe? Que tempo vai? Queres xogar co tempo? Clica na imaxe e elixe a actividade que leva o título de “Days, months and weather”.

What´s the date? What´s the weather like today? Do you want to play with the weather? Click the picture below and choose the activity with this name: “DAYS, MONTHS AND WEATHER”.