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Are you ready for a new mission?

Little Toad has a terrible flu and the evil Wario wants to keep all the medicines.

Mario must cross the mushroom kingdom in search of the antidote for the disease before it spreads and makes everyone sick.

Every time you beat a level, Mario will get the medicines to heal Little Toad.

2º ciclo, level 3, level 3

World Mission 2: My favourite subject

Here you have our last mission in Level 3

What an interesting mission!This time, they had to write about school timetables and their favourite school day and favourite subject.

It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

The mission had different levels:

Level 1: Complete your timetable

Level 2: Write a draft

Level 3: Prepare the writing

Level 4: Make an oral presentation


1º ciclo, level 1

My school bag portfolio

Writing in English is relatively difficult for students because English spelling is not predectible or consistent. On the other hand, in the first levels of primary, as students are still learning how to read and write in their mother tongue, developing this skill is a hard work. So, we usually focus all our attention on the oral skills and sometimes the writing skills are pushed into the background.

But I think its is necessary to develop the four skills in an integrated way from the earlier grades, so we can start working these skills with some easy activities such as copy list of words, create pictures dictionaries, build words with magnetic letters, match flashcards and word cards, trace or complete words, label pictures, complete short simple sentences,.. in the lower levels of primary.

Moreover, we have to bear in mind the importance of creating a supportive and safe ambiance where students feel comfortable. because the activity itself shouldn’t the aim of our work, but to achive communication.

We are taking our first steps in this process and here you have our school objects portfolio.

Escribir en inglés é relativamente difícil para os rapaces, sobre todo nos primeiros cursos de primaria. Por un banda, aínda están a aprender a ler e escribir na súa propia lingua materna e, por outra banda, a lingua inglesa non é unha lingua silábica como a nosa e non ten regras ortográficas tan regladas. É por iso polo que normalmente centramos os nosos esforzos en traballar primeiramente as habilidades orais e deixamos relegadas a un segundo plano as habilidades escritas.

Creo que é necesario traballar as catro habilidades de xeito integrado dende os primeiros cursos así que actividades como crear lista de palabras, completar diccionarios ilustrados, construir palabras con letras magnéticas, completar frases, repasar ou completar palabras, xogar con tarxetas ilustradas e con tarxetas de palabras,.. poen ser empregadas.

Ademais, crear un ambiente en que os nenos se atopen seguros e cómodos é fundamental polo que a actividade en si non debe ser o obxectivo do noso traballo senón conseguir comunicarnos

3º ciclo, Portfolio

Technology and biographies

Students in level 6 were learning how to work with a word processor in technology. They learnt how to edit texts with colours and different font sizes and styles, or texts which will be printed.

They also discovered how to make the edditing process easier using different instruments (tools) such as “copy and paste”, spelling & grammar checker, word count (this also counts letters and lines). Moreover, they enjoyed  creating attractive documents, adding pictures into documents, etc.

The aim was to practice writing skills, while learning ways to create a range of text documents for use at school.

The task was to write two short biographies using the word processor adding a photo in an attractive way. Here you have the biographies.

2º ciclo, Portfolio

Portfolio: Interview with a friend

In this occasion, the task consisted on writing about a friend’s tastes. First, children had to develop and implement a short survey that provide information about their friends’ likes, dislikes, and special interests.Then, they wrote a report using all the information gathered in the interviews.

I like this type of tasks because they let students use all they are learning in a real contest  giving meaning to our daily and long term work.

Thanks children in Level 5 for collaborating with us!

Nesta ocasión, a tarefa consistiu en escribir sobre os gustos dun amigo. Primeiro, tiveron que elaborar unha enquisa e entrevistar a un amigo maior elexido por eles para obter información que logo usaron para escribir un informe real.

O motivo polo que empregamos este tipo de tarefas é porque nos proporcionan un contexto real no que aplicar o que estamos a traballar na aula dándolle sentido ao noso traballo diario.

Gracias aos rapaces de 5º por colaborar nesta tarefa!

First step: The interview allows to develop the oral skills and provides us a good opportunity to check, correct and improve.

Second step: The report allows to develop the writing skills

1º ciclo, My family, Portfolio

Portfolio: My family

Children love talking about their families so I can say that this is one of the portfolios in which children are most interested in. With this small project, they enjoy drawing and ,as the same time, the can practise how to introduce people and how to talk about  feelings. At the end of this work, they feel really proud of their works because their families are the centre of their world. Listen to them.

Aos rapaces encántalles falar dar súas familias asi que podo afirmar que esta é un dos portfolios no que máis interesados están. Con este pequeno proxecto, gozan debuxando e´ao mesmos tempo, practican as presentacións e e como falar dos sentimentos, Ao final do proxecto, están realmente orgullosos do seu traballo pois as súas familias son o centro do seu mundo. Escoitádeos.


Here you have this writing resource: