1º ciclo, Days, months and weather., OUR RESOURCES

Weather wheel

If you are teaching how to talk about the weather, you can use our new spinner. It focuses on the vocabulary worked in our unit 3 : raining, sunny, snowing, foggy,windy, cloudy, hot and cold.

Students in Level 1 started making this spinner today. They traced, coloured and cut them, but previously, we practiced the new vocabulary with some oral games and singing this funny song. They enjoyed it! Do you dare to sing it along with us? Try it!

Click here to download the resource

3º ciclo, Large numbers


Do you know how to read larges numbers in English?

In English, s you can see, we use commas in large numbers.

Commas separates large numbers into smaller pieces and each small piece has no more than three numbers in it 

Let’s read them separately.

The British tend to add “and” in large numbers between hundreds and tens

Now you just have to say them in order, and when you see a comma, you add another word like thousand or million

image by WTCC instructor ecparent

Adapation of the article “How to say big numbers” from English Language

2º ciclo

Can you guess the most common letter in English?

“The answer is as plain as the nose on your face, or the cream in your coffee, or the vowels in your alphabet. The above paragraph contents the most common letter in the English language: the letter E.”

E is everywhre. It apprears in approximately 11% of all words in the common English vocabulary. Look! Eleven and cheese have got three “es”. Green, eyes or three have got two “es”.

It is so amazing that students in Level 3 decided to find as many words containing the letter “e” as they could . They got so many words that we had to stick them on the wall.

Can you say us more words?

3º ciclo, free time activities, Quizlets


Hi, everyone!

Let’s start a new unit in Level 5. In this unit we will learn about free time activities at the weekend. We will use adverbs of frequency and talk about how often we do things. Why don’t we start learning the new vocabulary? Take a look at this video and then, have a fun time practising the new words with a quizlet.

FREE TIME ACTIVITIES from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.