The Simple Past Tense: Irregular verbs

Quizlet: irregular verbs

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Click on the picture and you can find flashcards, quizzes and tests, or mini-games designed to familiarize you with the new vocabulary in unit 3.

Start with flashcards(FICHAS) in order to listen and repeat the vocabulary.
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Finally, check your learning with the brief test(PROBA)

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Past To Be, Past To Be

Practise at home by your own:Simple past tense

In this new unit, we are going to start talking about  finished actions in the past. If you have any doubts, or you would like to practise and review at home, click on the following former links and you will find some some videos which can help you understand this tense and lots and lots of games and exercises. Enjoy them!

Don’t you have enough? Would you like to keep practising? Here you have more online activities!!(Resources from ESL-English

3º ciclo, Past To Be, Past To Be, The Simple Past Tense

Interactive teacher: To Be – Past


The new topic in Level 6 is the past. So, if you want to study and practise at home, here you have some interesting links.

Video: Positive/ negative /questions


To Be grammar notes


Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 1

Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 2

Worksheet: To Be Simple Past 3

Worksheet:To Be Simple Past 4


Online exercise 1

Online exercise 2

Online exercise 3

Online exercise 4

Online exercise 5

Online exercise 6

Online exercise 7

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