Good books about animals, Jungle animls

Walking Through the Jungle

Do you want to be an explorer? Let’s walk through the jungle. What animals can you see? What can you hear? Walk and creep and wade… but be careful who you might find out there!

Walking Through a Jungle a story by Julie Lacome, is one of my students’ favourite book about animals. It is a lovely repetitive story which develops children’s listening and language skills, followed by an initial sounds phonics game with jungle animals. Furthermore, it is also a great book to learn about animals and actions in a catchy way.

Here you have some videos to work with it.





1º ciclo, Abilities, Art Crafts

Can you…? spinners

I love using spinners because of the benefits of using then as a learning resource.

  • Spinners provide a fun and exciting way of helpling kids practice vocabulary or structures as they see it more as a game.
  • Word recognition helps develop reading ability faster.
  • They can be used anywhere at home, at school or even in the car.

If you are teaching how to ask about abilities, you can use this Can you…? spinner. It focuses on the vocabulary worked in our unit 2:sing, ride a bike, make models, juggle, play the guitar, do karate, dance and paint, but one blank spinner template is avaliable if you want your kids desing their own wheel.

Encántame usar as ruletas polos beneficios que teñen como recurso educativo.

  • As ruletas proporcionan unha forma divertida e emocionante de axudar aos nenos para practicar o vocabulario e as estruturas xa que o ven máis como un xogo.
  • O recoñecemento das palabras axuda a desenvolver a habilidade lectora máis rápido.
  • Podémolas usar onde queiramos; no cole, na casa, no coche,..

Se queres traballar na aula como preguntar polas habilidades , podes empregar este recursos. O vocabulario empregado é o que estamos a traballar na aula pero tes unha versión en blanco se queres que os alumnos deseñen eles mesmos a súa ruleta.


2 versions are included.

Version 1: This is probably the most basic way to make a spinner! Simply poke a pencil through your card game disc and spin it like a top. The good thing about this method is that every child in your class can have their own spinner. However, I have found that the hole in the middle of the card quickly starts to widen and the disc falls down.

Versión 1: Esta é probablemente a forma máis básica de facer unha ruleta! Simplemente insira un lapis a través do seu disco de xogo de cartas e víreo como unha buxaina. O bo deste método é que cada neno da túa clase pode ter a súa propia ruleta. Con todo, descubrín que o orificio no medio da tarxeta comeza a alargarse rapidamente e o disco cae.

Version 2:This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a home-made spinner, and my personal favourite! Cut out the top and bottom part of the spinner.Punch a hole through the middle (top and bottom part) and insert a brass paper fastener through the holes on both top and bottom part and children can play with their classmates.

Versión 2: Esta é unha das formas máis fáciles e efectivas de facer unha ruleta caseira, e a miña favorita! Recorta a parte superior e inferior da roda xiratoria. Faga un burato no medio (parte superior e inferior). Insira o cravo a través dos buracos na parte superior e inferior e os rapaces xa poderán xogar cos seus compañeiros.

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All about me is a classsical and perfect resource to kick off a new school year. If you have a new group of students and you don’t know them yet, this activity is a good way to learn each other (my family, my hobbies, my skills, my class, my teacher and grade, my favourites, etc..). Furthermore, another goal beside it is to help pupils to bring back what they learnt last school year in a fun way.

All about me é un recurso perfecto e moi socorrido para comezar o curso escolar, tanto se comezamos cun novo grupo de alumnos e alumnas como se continuamos co do curso pasado. É un recurso perfecto para coñecernos así como para recordar todo o que aprenderon o ano pasado.

This activity can be complete and colour by the children, then they can present themselves to their classmates. So, another great benefit related to this type of activities is that they can practice their oral skills and, at the same time, the teacher can learn some information about them.

Esta actividade pode ser completada e decorada para ser presentada aos compañeiros e compañeiras de clase. Polo que, este tipo de actividades resultan moi beneficiosas para practicar as habilidades orais á vez que son unha boa fonte para obter información dos nosos alumnos e alumnas.

This year we have a new crafting version. They can create their own and customized suitcase. I recommend you to print it in a DINA4 size and in cardboard paper, so it will be more resistant.

Este ano temos unha nova versión. Cada un puido crear e curtomizar a súa maleta. Para que a manualidade adquira máis consistencia, é recomendable imprimir en cartulina.

Finally, it is worthy to use them as a part of the classroom decoration. In this regard, one of the best things about All About Me activities is that they are in a position to build self-esteem. Children feel proud to share their personal interests , likes and their “suitcases” with their classmates.

Finalmente, merece a pena expor os traballos na clase. Neste sentido, este tipo de actividades son moi beneficiosas para traballar a autoestima do alumnado. Os rapaces síntense moi orgullosos cando poden compartir os seus traballos así como os seus intereses e gustos cos seus compañeiros.

Activity based on “Maletas desplegables” from Ideas Clase ABC

1º ciclo, level 1

My school bag portfolio

Writing in English is relatively difficult for students because English spelling is not predectible or consistent. On the other hand, in the first levels of primary, as students are still learning how to read and write in their mother tongue, developing this skill is a hard work. So, we usually focus all our attention on the oral skills and sometimes the writing skills are pushed into the background.

But I think its is necessary to develop the four skills in an integrated way from the earlier grades, so we can start working these skills with some easy activities such as copy list of words, create pictures dictionaries, build words with magnetic letters, match flashcards and word cards, trace or complete words, label pictures, complete short simple sentences,.. in the lower levels of primary.

Moreover, we have to bear in mind the importance of creating a supportive and safe ambiance where students feel comfortable. because the activity itself shouldn’t the aim of our work, but to achive communication.

We are taking our first steps in this process and here you have our school objects portfolio.

Escribir en inglés é relativamente difícil para os rapaces, sobre todo nos primeiros cursos de primaria. Por un banda, aínda están a aprender a ler e escribir na súa propia lingua materna e, por outra banda, a lingua inglesa non é unha lingua silábica como a nosa e non ten regras ortográficas tan regladas. É por iso polo que normalmente centramos os nosos esforzos en traballar primeiramente as habilidades orais e deixamos relegadas a un segundo plano as habilidades escritas.

Creo que é necesario traballar as catro habilidades de xeito integrado dende os primeiros cursos así que actividades como crear lista de palabras, completar diccionarios ilustrados, construir palabras con letras magnéticas, completar frases, repasar ou completar palabras, xogar con tarxetas ilustradas e con tarxetas de palabras,.. poen ser empregadas.

Ademais, crear un ambiente en que os nenos se atopen seguros e cómodos é fundamental polo que a actividade en si non debe ser o obxectivo do noso traballo senón conseguir comunicarnos

1º ciclo, School objects

School Objects in Level 1

Unit 1 is finished!

We were working a lot in level 1. All our lessons were full of songs, oral games and online activities  based on the classroom objects theme, which helped students to develop three of the 4 communication skills: listening, reading and speaking. And I have to admit that…we enjoyed them.

Here we go with some of them.

Rematamos xa o primeiro temas en 1º. Como traballamos! Fixemos unha morea de xogos orais e actividades online así como cancións basadas neste tema. Teño que confesar que o pasamos de medo.

Imos con algunha delas.

1º ciclo, 2º ciclo, OUR LIMS

All about us

New schooll year, new grade!

We all are older each year and, we have more new things about us to share with our partners.

Would you like to meet us?

Un novo ano escolar, un novo curso!

Cada ano somos máis maiores e temos cousas novas que compartir cos nosos compañeiros.

Queredes coñecernos?

1º ciclo, Halloween.

Emotional Pumpkins

Halloween is here again!!!!!!!!! We can’t have Halloween withoot PUMPKINS…..

Pirate Tobee and Caitie decide carve different faces in their pumpkins, but first we should practise counting by singing a song about different pumpkins faces called “5 Little Pumpkins!. Pirate Tobee loves the song. Enjoy it!!!

Are you ready to make some faces and sing along with these pumpkins?

Click on the pictures and download some resources from Super Simple Songs and play at school or at home!



And now… are you ready to carve your own Jack-O-Lantern???? I can’t wait to see them.

1º ciclo, Greetings and introductions

Greetings and introductions

Comezamos repasando as rutinas diarias e practicando algunhas preguntas e respostas para coñecer aos nosos compañeiros.

There’s nothing better than to start well the day with a funny song like this one.

How are you today? Let’s sing and dance….


During the first few days of school, we are going to practice how to introduce ourselves at the different levels of Primary.

In Level 1,2 and 3, a special dragon called Gogo will help us to learn the way asking and answering the name’s one. We love Gogo!

Let’s practice a little bit with a cute song from Super Simple Songs.



In Level 3. GoGo will help us to learn the counting from 1 to 10. And know the ask the age of person question: How old are you? And the answer about age?

Let’s practice a little bit with a cute song from Fun Kids English.


Action week

Fai unhas semanas os alumnos de Infantil e 1º de Primaria moveron o esqueleto en compañía. Aquí vos deixo un resumo das actividades enviadas.

Some weeks ago, students in Kindergarten and in Level 1 moved their bodies in family. Here you have a summary of the submitted activities. Click on the picture to see them.