Good books about animals

Dear Zoo

If you could write to the zoo to send you a pet. What kind of pet would you like from the zoo?

In this lift-the-flap book written by Rod Campbell, you’ll discover many zoo animals! Some are HEAVY, some are SCARY, some are JUMPY, some are DANGEROUS! Which one is your favorite?

After reading “Dear Zoo”, you can work with the vocabulary on the story with this online worksheets. Enjoy them!

3º ciclo, Ordinal numbers

Writing dates in English

We write the date in English in different ways. The most common way in British English is to write the day of the month first (ordinal numbers), then the month (starting with a capital letter) and then the year:

 7th September, 2021

*You can write first the day of the week.

Monday, 1st December, 1997

When we say dates in English , we say ‘the’ before the number followed by ‘of’. For example,

It’s the first of January.


In English, DAYS AND MONTHS always with an initial capital: January, February, Tuesday, Sunday,…

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2º ciclo, Liveworksheets, Times

What time is it?

Are you ready to learn how to say the time in English? Don’t worry because it is really easy.

  • Let’s start with “O’CLOCK”

When the long hand is pointing to number 12, we say “O’CLOCK”. Here you have a picture to help you.

Can you tell the time? Let’s practice together!


  • Let’s go on with “HALF PAST”

When the long hand is pointing to number 6, we say “HALF PAST“. Here you have a picture to help you.

Can you tell the time? Let’s practice together!

Now, let’s practice with these exercises.Don’t forget to send me them, please!!!

2º ciclo, Liveworksheets, Town

My town

This year is being made very hard for everybody, particulary for all those children who has to stay at home and continue to work.

This month, some of my students has suffered this situation but, all they have overcome or are in the process of overcoming it with the help of their families and classmates.

Students in level 4 wanted to help one classmate with the topics they were studying at school. So, they prepared and recorded a video to learn the prepositions of place. It has been a very rewarding experience for all of us!!!!

Este ano está sendo bastante duro e complicado para todos, en especial para todos os nenos que teñen que ficar na casa e continuar, na medida das posibilidades, co traballo . Este mes, algún dos meus rapaces pasaron por esta situación pero, todos eles ou xa están de volta ou a piques de retomar as clases.

En 4º, os compañeiros dunha alumna quixeron axudala a seguir o ritmo da clase preparando e grabando un vídeo para aprender as preposicións de lugar. Realmente resultou unha experiencia increíble e moi satisfactoria para todos nós.

PREPOSITIONS from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.

In spite of the thecnical and connection problems, videoconferencing and interactive educational resources like Genially are being very helpful in keeping in touch with students and families and practising the oral skills.

A pesar dos problemas técnicos e de conexión, as videoconferencias e as ferramentas para a creación de contido educativo como Genially estannos a axudar a manter o contacto coas familias e alumnos e para practicar as habilidades orais a distancia.

Finally, LIVEWORKSHEETS , our great discovery last year, is being our number one online educational tool together with the virtual classroom, Here you have some exercises to practise the oral and writing skills.

Finalmente, Liveworsheets, o noso gran descubrimento o curso pasado, segue a ser a nosa ferramenta número un xunto coa Aula Virtual. Aquí vos deixo algunhas fichas para practicar as habilidades orais e escritas na unidade My Town que estamos a traballar tanto en 3º como en 4º de Primaria este mes.