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Mission 2: A survey about frecuency

They got it! Mission 2 is over.

In this new mission, students in Level 5 found out about the frecuency students in Level 6 do something at the weekend and wrote a short report.

Nesta ocasión, os alumnos de 5º averiguaron a frecuencia coa que os alumnso de 6º fan unha actividade durante o fin de semans e escribiron un pequeno informe. Para iso, tiñan que superar estes niveis:

To do so, they had to beat different levels working in pairs:

Level 1: Select a survey topic and write a questionare.

In this level, I previously explain what a survey is and why people do them. Furthermore, we learnt how to plan a survey.

Neste nivel, previamente expliqueilles que era unha enquisa e porqué se facían, Asemade, aprendemos cales eran os pasos fundamentales a seguir cando planificamos unha enquisa.

The main aim in this level was each pair to use their initiative to choose a survey topic and write the appropiate question.

Primeiro, tiveron que empregar a súa iniciativa para escoller o tema da súa enquisa e escribir a pregunta apropiada.

Level 2: Interview students in Level 6

Students used a tally chart as a method to collect information they needed. Then, counting the tally marks , they had to represent the information using a pie chart or a bar graph as instruments to help us understand the information.

The aim of this level was to develop children mathematical skills when they doing a tally chart and converting the data into a pie chart.

Para realizar este nivel, as parellas empregaron unha táboa de conteo como método para recoller a información e, para representar a información podían empregar ou unha gráfica de barras ou unha gráfica circular. O obxectivo neste nivel era desenvolver as súas habilidades en matemáticas.

Level 3: Write a draft.

Level 4: Prepare the report.

Level 5: Make an oral presentation.



ᗯOᖇᒪᗪ ᗰIᔕᔕIOᑎ 1: GᖇᗩᗪEᔕ 4 ᗩᑎᗪ 5

World Missions 1 in Grade 4 and Grade 5 are ready.

After completing them. you will earn some coins. It is no difficult but you must read the instructions carefully and move up through the different levels. You will complete the mission only when Yoshi turns red.


Free printable portfolio template

Free printable Mission

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All about me is a classsical and perfect resource to kick off a new school year. If you have a new group of students and you don’t know them yet, this activity is a good way to learn each other (my family, my hobbies, my skills, my class, my teacher and grade, my favourites, etc..). Furthermore, another goal beside it is to help pupils to bring back what they learnt last school year in a fun way.

All about me é un recurso perfecto e moi socorrido para comezar o curso escolar, tanto se comezamos cun novo grupo de alumnos e alumnas como se continuamos co do curso pasado. É un recurso perfecto para coñecernos así como para recordar todo o que aprenderon o ano pasado.

This activity can be complete and colour by the children, then they can present themselves to their classmates. So, another great benefit related to this type of activities is that they can practice their oral skills and, at the same time, the teacher can learn some information about them.

Esta actividade pode ser completada e decorada para ser presentada aos compañeiros e compañeiras de clase. Polo que, este tipo de actividades resultan moi beneficiosas para practicar as habilidades orais á vez que son unha boa fonte para obter información dos nosos alumnos e alumnas.

This year we have a new crafting version. They can create their own and customized suitcase. I recommend you to print it in a DINA4 size and in cardboard paper, so it will be more resistant.

Este ano temos unha nova versión. Cada un puido crear e curtomizar a súa maleta. Para que a manualidade adquira máis consistencia, é recomendable imprimir en cartulina.

Finally, it is worthy to use them as a part of the classroom decoration. In this regard, one of the best things about All About Me activities is that they are in a position to build self-esteem. Children feel proud to share their personal interests , likes and their “suitcases” with their classmates.

Finalmente, merece a pena expor os traballos na clase. Neste sentido, este tipo de actividades son moi beneficiosas para traballar a autoestima do alumnado. Os rapaces síntense moi orgullosos cando poden compartir os seus traballos así como os seus intereses e gustos cos seus compañeiros.

Activity based on “Maletas desplegables” from Ideas Clase ABC

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C͆H͆R͆I͆S͆T͆M͆A͆S͆ S͆U͆R͆V͆E͆Y͆

Surveys are one of my favourite activities. And my students probably think the same. They really enjoy them!

They can be used for just about any level as a warm-up activity, to have interesting conversations about the topic we are learning or a way to collect information for writing about our partners. They are ideal because they can cover the 4 skills in a single activity. Students not only have to listen and speak, but also students have to take notes on answers or write their own questions.

We use them once a week in our classes, for a huge variety of topics: sports, hobbies, subjects, routines, food, Tv series,… As Christmas was around the corner, we decided that this would be the topic of our survey.


Before the class I spoke to the school staff and arranged for my class to survey the different primary classes and the staff. I tell the teachers that we were going to do a survey on Christmas and arranged a time to go into their classes.

Moreover, we read a text about surveys and methods to collect information and instruments to represent the data. We learnt lot of interesting things.


I told my own class we were going to do a class survey at school. Firstly, we had to think of the topic, the method and the instrument for our survey. We brainstormed topics on the blackboard .Once there was a list of topics on the blackboard, we voted and chose “Favourite part of Christmas”.

Then, I asked them the Christmas survey question “What’s your favourite part of Chirstmas?” and wrote their answers on the blackboard and thought of other possible answers. They selected six of the options for our survey.

Finally, they sort themselves into pairs and chose a class for doing the survey. Besides, they decided that it would be important to have any kind of visual aid(pictograms) for the youngest classes.


Before doing the survey, I did the following things:

  • Give out the survey worksheet
  • Read through the survey and check pronunciation.
  • Ask the class to prepare themselves for the survey.
  • Go to the other classes and carry out the survey

After the survey, each pair drew a pie chart based on their results and wrote a brief report. Finally, we collected all the reports in a book. That was a good way to bring the activity to a close.

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Hi, everyone!

Let’s start a new unit in Level 5. In this unit we will learn about free time activities at the weekend. We will use adverbs of frequency and talk about how often we do things. Why don’t we start learning the new vocabulary? Take a look at this video and then, have a fun time practising the new words with a quizlet.

FREE TIME ACTIVITIES from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.