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Superlative board game

Today was a funny day! Students in Level 6 were practising the superlative form of adjectives and How+adjective questions with a workgroup board game.


The players need one board and one set of cards for each group of three or four students; a fact file; counters and a dice for each group.


  1. Divide students into groups of three or four.
  2. Give each group a board, two fact files, a set of cards,
    counters and a dice.
  3. They should place the cards face down in a
    pile and place their counters on the pirate ship (START).
  4. Students should take it in turns to throw the
    dice and move round the board. When they
    land on a colour square, they should take a card
    from the pile according to the colour on the square and answer a question. The others should check the answer.
  5. If the answer is not correct, the player misses a turn.
  6. The player who reaches the treasure first is the winner.
  7. Once everyone has finished, put each group together with another group and get them to report back on the answers to the questions.

There are some special squares: if the players land on the island, they will miss a turn. The treasure map wil let the players go foward two spaces. On the other hand, if they land on the ship wreck, they will have to go back two spaces. The worst square is the one with a skull… It is the unluckiest square. They should start again!

Click here to download the resources

Superlative board game

Superlative board game cards

Superlative board game fact file

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Are you ready for a new mission?

Little Toad has a terrible flu and the evil Wario wants to keep all the medicines.

Mario must cross the mushroom kingdom in search of the antidote for the disease before it spreads and makes everyone sick.

Every time you beat a level, Mario will get the medicines to heal Little Toad.

1º ciclo, Days, months and weather., OUR RESOURCES

Weather wheel

If you are teaching how to talk about the weather, you can use our new spinner. It focuses on the vocabulary worked in our unit 3 : raining, sunny, snowing, foggy,windy, cloudy, hot and cold.

Students in Level 1 started making this spinner today. They traced, coloured and cut them, but previously, we practiced the new vocabulary with some oral games and singing this funny song. They enjoyed it! Do you dare to sing it along with us? Try it!

Click here to download the resource

CHALLENGES, good books to read in Halloween, Halloween.

Spooktacular Halloween books

Halloween is around the corner and we are working so hard in order to have a spooky Halloween party next Friday, 28th. Have you decided which costume are you going to wear for the party?

Non falta nada para Halloween e estamos a traballar arreo para ter todo preparado para a festa de Halloween do vindeiro venres 28. Tende xa decidido de que ides vir disfrazados?

There is a great list of scary stories for Hallowen, but this year I want to recommend you two spooktacular books if you enjoy a good scare.

Este ano quero recomedar dous libros para os que gozan dun bo susto. E mira que a lista é moi longa!

BOO! by Leslie Patricelli

It’s almost Halloween! How should Daddy carve the pumpkin? What should Baby be — a princess or pirate, ballerina or clown? When the jack-o’-lantern’s ready, it’s time for a little ghost to head out in the slightly scary night. But fear turns to excitement as the pumpkin fills up with treats in this Spanish-English dual language board book.

WHO’S THERE ON HALLOWEN? by Pamela Conn Beall

Who’s There On Halloween? encourages readers to play along and use the clues to name the holiday characters hidden inside.

And this is our Halloween challenge during this week.

Each day, students will have to read a Halloween riddle and try to find out the Halloween character following the clues. We have a scary table with all the items they need to get the activity.

The witch’s cauldron is already full of answers!!!! Will they have guessed the first riddle?

O desafío desta semana ten que ver co libro WHO’S THERE ON HALLOWEEN?. Cada día, os rapaces e rapazas terán que ler e intentar averiguar cal é o personaxe de Halloween que se atopa escondido nunha adiviña que atoparán no pasillo da aula de inglés. Teñen unha mesa con todo o necesario para completar o desafío. Xa temos o caldeiro da bruxa cheo de respostas. Conseguirán descifrar a nosa primeira adiviña?

Peace Day

Let us grow in Peace.

𝓛𝓮𝓽 𝓾𝓼 𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰.

* ☆::. Let us built. .::.☆*

L͓̽e͓̽t͓̽ ͓̽u͓̽s͓̽ ͓̽c͓̽r͓̽e͓̽a͓̽t͓̽e͓̽.͓̽

𝓛𝓮𝓽 𝓾𝓼 𝓰𝓻𝓸𝔀

This is our plea for the whole of humanity.

Not only here and now, but also tomorrow and every single day of our lives.

Let us all create Peace Day every day!

Art Crafts, Halloween.

Halloween 2020

This year Halloween was celebrated following some measures taken to make our school a Covid-free space because Covid-19 can’t stop us from learning, having fun and sharing meaningful moments!!!

We organized our typical Pumpkin contest in a different way but, I have to say that it was incredibly spooky and creative.

Halloween 20 from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.

Students in kindergarten and Primary made different art crafts related to the activities developed during this week in their classrooms.

Emotional Pumpkins in Level 1

Monster masks in Kindergarten

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Don’t worry! Let’s work at home

Bos días a tod@s. Xa tendes no blogue as actividades para este período de cuarentena. Tende paciencia porque a internet anda algo saturada estes días.
Intentei deseñar unhas fichas doadas e amenas para repasar contidos xa traballados na clase. Cando as teñades feitas, tedes que mas mandar a ser posible nos plazos marcados para revisalas. Deixarei algún comentario no blogue.E vós tamén podedes consultar todo o que queirades.
Non se trata de estar todo o día pegado ao ordenador. É fundamental marcar unhas rutinas e uns tempos para cada unha delas. Importantel deixar momentos para o xogo e o tempo de descanso. Non é cuestión de saturarse.
Os que teñan a sorte de ter unha terraza ou un xardín, aproveitádeo perotende en conta que outra maneira de moverse é axudar nas tarefas da casa: facer a cama; ordenar a habitación; poñer e recoller a mesa;colocar a roupa limpa nos armarios,….
Ademáis, podemos ler, escoitar música, pintar, xogar ás cartas ou xogos de mesa,facer algunha manualidade, falar cos nosos maiores que teñen moito que contarnos,..

En cada un dos enlaces atoparedes cada semana un planning coas actividades a desenvolver na casa. Espero que vos gusten e que vos faciliten o traballo. Estou aquí para o que necesitedes.

Recordade que o meu correo electrónico de contacto é: 18teachermaria@gmail.com

Coidádevos moito. Vémonos axiña!!!