Art Crafts, Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas is here but during last week we have been getting ready to welcome Christmas.

This year, my children in kindergarten have been learning and singing this cute song about Santa which has helped them practice basic prepositions of place in a super fun way. Below is the video for you to sing it and practise it at home.

We also made our own Santa artcrafts to take home. Aren’t they cute?



How are you feeling today? Are you happy or sad? When I’m Happy, I laugh… What about you?

Learn about feelings and emotions with Fun Kids Monsters as you sing about feeling happy, sad, angry, hungry and sleepy. Are you ready?

Our friends, Elmo and Kermit are going to talk about emotions. They are so crazy!!!!

Finally, the Puffballs from Sesame Street show us what make them happy or sad.

1º ciclo, Greetings and introductions

Greetings and introductions

Comezamos repasando as rutinas diarias e practicando algunhas preguntas e respostas para coñecer aos nosos compañeiros.

There’s nothing better than to start well the day with a funny song like this one.

How are you today? Let’s sing and dance….


During the first few days of school, we are going to practice how to introduce ourselves at the different levels of Primary.

In Level 1,2 and 3, a special dragon called Gogo will help us to learn the way asking and answering the name’s one. We love Gogo!

Let’s practice a little bit with a cute song from Super Simple Songs.



In Level 3. GoGo will help us to learn the counting from 1 to 10. And know the ask the age of person question: How old are you? And the answer about age?

Let’s practice a little bit with a cute song from Fun Kids English.

1º ciclo, Art Crafts

Move your body!!!

In the past few weeks, we have been working really hard in Level 2 building up the vocabulary related to the parts of the body and learning new grammar structures through songs, TPR activities, art crafts and lots of different online activities. Here you have a  brief summary of the activities carried out by students from Level 2 and their families. Congratulations!!!!




Premede nas imaxes para acceder a páxina web.













David wanted to sing and record this funny song “Dinosaur, move your body”. I have to say that he has done it really well. Awesome David!!!


David’s dino song from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.


Art Crafts, Winter Project

I’m turning blue……Winter is here


Winter is about to finish and I don’t want to say it goodbaye without looking back over the last month and remembering some significant moments we have spent working on our Winter Project.

This topic was explored through songs, games and art crafts which allowed them to learn a lot of things related to this season (clothes, weather, instructions, numbers, colours, feelings,..) in an easy and  fun way.

And there’s nothing like a snowball fight with them to put a giant smile on their faces.


Here you have a brief summary of our project.

O inverno está a piques de rematar e non  quero despedilo sen antes botar unha ollada ao traballo que estivemos facendo este último mes co noso proxecto sobre o inverno. A través de cancións, xogos e manualidades traballamos esta temática e aprendemos conceptos relacionados con esta estación(o tempo, a roupa,…), instruccións e revisamos as cores e os números dun xeito sinxelo e divertido. Pero asegúrovos que non hai nada mellor que unha guerra de bolas de neve para arrancar un gran sorriso aos cativos. Comprobado!!!!!