36 opiniones sobre “Send me your opinion: My favourite fruits and vegetables”

  1. Hello teacher! I’m Inés.

    I like lettuce and carrots, but I don’t like cauliflower. I love broccoli and onions,but I hate peppers.:) 🙂

    I like tomatoes and melon,but I don’t like apples. I love watermelon,but I hate bananas.(:

    XXX By Inés :):):):)

  2. Hello teacher. I’m Candela.
    I like lettuce, carrot and mushrooms,but I don’t like onions.I love peas,cauliflower and broccoli.I hate peppers

    I like fruit. I like apples, oranges and tomatoes. I love melon and watermelon.

    I love meat,eggs,fish,potatoes and pizza, but I hate snails.

    xxx By Candela 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi teacher !! I’m Diana . 🙂

    I like peaches and peas but I don’t like peas and green beans . I love sweetcorn , pasta , cherries and eggs but I hate 😦 cauliflower , peppers and broccoli .

    I like lots of fruits and vegetables . I like apples , pears , oranges , melons and watermelons but I don’t like bananas and lemons . I like lettuce but I don’t like onions .

    CU soon . xxx 😀

  4. Hello teacher. I´m Brais.:)
    I like pears, apples and pineapple but I don´t like 😦 cauliflower.
    I love chocolate but I hate peppers.
    Bye Brais

  5. Hello teacher.I’m Paula Campos.
    I like lots of different fruit and vegetables. I like green beans and lettuce but I don’t like peas. I love brocoli but I hate cauliflower.
    I love peaches and melon but I don’t like oranges and bananas.
    I love meat and fish, too.

  6. Hello teacher i´m Eva!!

    I like green beans and brocooli but I don’t like peas and onions. I love pizza ,grapes , meat and fish but I hate carrots , tomatoes and pumpkin .

    Bye Eva

  7. Hello teacher ,I’m Lorena
    I’m love fish ,pasta and stawberries .
    I’m like lots of vegetables
    I’m doesn ‘t like melon but
    I’m hate onions , mushrooms ,peppers amd cauliflower .

    Bye 😄

    1. Remember Lorena: I like /I don’t like/ I love/ I hate

      I’m like is not correct.

      Remember: I don’t like / She doesn’t like

      I doesn’t like is not correct
      Try again

  8. Hi teacher I´m Santi
    I like grapes and olives but I don´t like peppers.I hate onions.
    I love sweetcorn and tomatoes

    XXX bye Santi

  9. Hello teacher ,I´m oscar
    I love pizza
    I like potatoes and vegetables
    I don t like swet corn
    I hate peppers


  10. Hello techer.
    I like pears and peaches,but I don’t like onions and peppers
    I lovs peas and melon,I hate tomatoes and coliflawer.


  11. Hello teacher. I’m Mario
    I like pears and peas but I’ don’t like peppers and onions
    Ilove rice and melon but I hate onions
    By Mario

  12. Hello teacher I ´m Marcela I like peaches apples and sweetcorn.I like peas but I don´t like melon green beans and bannanas

  13. Hello I´m Paula.
    I love peaches ,apples andi
    I like pears ,mushrooms ,bananas ,oranges and peas
    I doesn ´t like peppers ,onions ,olives ,swetcorn , green beans and raice .
    I hate grapes .
    bye ,bye

  14. hello teacher i’m Sofia .
    I like lots of fruit and vegetables .I like peace and peppers but i don`t like green beans .
    I hate melon .
    I love grapes.

  15. Hello teacher I`m Adrián
    I love olives but I hate onions
    I like all the frut
    I doesn`t like peppers
    my favourite pizza topings are cheese,olives,tomatoes,ham and pineapple

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