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Postcards from New York

New York City has many nicknames. It is called:

The City That Never Sleeps

    The Capital Of The World

     The Centre Of The Universe

           The Greatest City In The World

                The Big Apple

                  The Empire City….

New York is divided into five big boroughs* (distritos): The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and  Staten Island.


Let’s take a tour around some of the most famous places in New York City.




Now, imagine that you have been in New York during a week visiting the most amazing places in the city and before returning to Spain, you want to send someone a postcard.Let’s write it!

Do you know how to write a postcard in English? What are the parts of a postcard? Don’t worry! Click on the picture and Arthur will help you to get it! Pantallazo

If you want, you can use this postcard generator to helps students learn to identify all the typical parts of a postcard, and then generate their own postcard messages by typing information into templates. Students fill in the address, details on the postcard’s artwork, and the postcard message. The finished postcard can then be previewed, edited, and printed. After printing their texts, students can illustrate the front of their postcards in a variety of ways, including drawing a picture, creating a collage of images, or printing and pasting clipart in place.
Se queredes, podedes empregar este xerador de postais que axudará aos rapaces a identificar as partes dunha postal e crear as súas escribindo a información nas plantillas. Os alumnos ten que escribir a dirección, a mensaxe e os detalles artísticos. Ademais, poden vela o editala de novo antes de imprimila.Despois poden crear un collage de imaxes ou imprimir e pegar algún debuxo na parte frontal.


Resource found in ReadWriteThink

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