It’s Autumn Time

The 1st term has ended so that I leave here a summary of the project It’s Autumn Time performed by my 5-years-old children. They learned words related to Fall; reviewed colors and numbers from 1 to 10; learned to express feelings (happy, sad, angry); worked with prepositionsns (up / down); learned parts of the face (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair); learned to spell words in English and mainly we spent a great time singing songs related to Halloween and Autumn,reading a tale, dancing and reciting a poem.
O 1º trimestre xa rematou asi que aquí vos deixo un resumo do proxecto It’s Autumn Time realizado polos alumnos de 5 anos. Nel, aprenderon palabras relacionadas co outono; repasamos as cores e os números do 1 ao 10;aprenderon a expresar sentimentos (happy, sad, angry); traballamos coas preposicións (up/down); aprenderon as partes da cara(eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair); aprendemos a deletrear as palabras en inglés e ,sobre todo, o pasamos de marabilla cantando cancións relacionadas con Halloween e o Outono, lendo un conto, bailando e recitando un poema.

Autumn from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo.

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