What’s the weather like?

What ́s the weather like today?  Is it sunny? Is it rainy? In Autumn, the weather is continually changing. It's crazy!!!! How can Steve get home? Come with Steve and Maggie and learn all about the weather. Learning English with Steve is fun and you can find more stories at http://www.wowenglish.com .  

Autumn Shape Trees

Autumn brings new colours thanks to the trees. Trees are beautifull in Fall: red, yellow and brown leaves on the branches and falling down. Red, yellow and brown leaves on the ground. Red, yellow and brown leaves blowing in the breeze. It's so funny! As you know, my 4/5-years-old children are developing an Etwinning Project... Seguir lendo →

It’s Autumn Time

The 1st term has ended so that I leave here a summary of the project It's Autumn Time performed by my 5-years-old children. They learned words related to Fall; reviewed colors and numbers from 1 to 10; learned to express feelings (happy, sad, angry); worked with prepositionsns (up / down); learned parts of the face... Seguir lendo →

Our funny scarecrow

SCARECROW IS A LONG WORD WITH MANY LETTERS BUT NOW WE KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT .TAKE A LOOK AT OUR WORK. HERE YOU HAVE THE FUNNIEST SCARECROWS I HAVE NEVER SEEN! SOON A VIDEO.... Scarecrow é unha palabra longa con moitas letras pero xa sabemos como deletreala e escribila!!!! Botádelle un ollo ao noso... Seguir lendo →

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

As you know, we are working on a European project about ABCs. This term my students have to learn words related to Autumn and spell them. A scarecrow is one of the things Autumn see in our tale. With this cute song, children can learn some action in a fun way.  We'll also  use our... Seguir lendo →

Autumn leaves in kindergarten

This term, my 5-years-old children are working on a proyect about Autumn. They are learning a lot of interesting things about this season: the colours in Autumn, the weather( as they say “the weather in Autumn is crazy), vocabulary and the spelling of Autumn... everything about it..


 In Autumn there are many interesting things to  discover.  Can you see them? Let’s  ask the Autumn what it sees.  No outono hay moitas cousas interesantes para descubrir. Podedes ollalas? Preguntémoslle ao outono que é o que el ve. Autumn tale from mariaabilleira

Autumn in Kindergarten

When a new season starts, there are many things that change and Autumn brings us new colours:red, yellow and brown. Let' s learn these colours with this short funny song.


This year 5-year-old children have developed a proyect about autumn. We have talked about the colours of autumn, the falling of leaves, the weather in autumn and they have done different autumn crafts. Also, they have learnt a rhyme about this season. Here you have a little sample of this work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Este curso, os... Seguir lendo →

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