Autumn!, Welcome back

Welcome back, Autumn!

Autumn is here again.
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Let´s learn some poems about this season published in  The Teacher´s Magazine:

ARBOL_~1      Brown leaves on the ground.

Yellow leaves in the air.

Dry leaves here.

Dry leaves there.

   Autumn is everywhere.


        AUTUMN FUN                                                                        007

In Autumn it´s fun         

to be in the sun.

Green leaves on the tree.

Brown leaves on the ground.

Yellow leaves falling down.

Leaves , fall down


on the ground.

    (my version)


AUTUMN FUN                      AUTUMN COLOURS

IN AUTUMN                                              Summer´s gone, autumn´s in the air.

IT´S FUN                                                  Leaves fall slowly here and there.

TO BE IN THE SUN.                                    Dancing people I dream they are

LEAVES TURN RED, YELLOW,                       Twisting, twirling, flying far.

OCHRE AND BROWN                                  

BEFORE THEY FALL DOWN.                          Gold, brown, red and green.

LEAVES FALL DOWN,                                 How many colours I have seen!



(By Ana M. Martiño)

Click on the picture for more autumn resources.



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