CELEBRATIONS AT SCHOOL, St. Patrick´s Day Activities 2011

St. Patrick´s Day Activities 2011.

Are you ready for St. Patrick´s Day activities?


Don´t forget to wear something green next March 17th.



Why don´t you start singing this song? It´s suitable for the little ones.


Five Little Shamrocks


One green shamrock, in the morning dew,
Another one sprouted,
and then there were two.

Two green shamrocks, growing beneath a tree;
Another one sprouted,
and then there were three.

Three green shamrocks, by the cottage door;
Another one sprouted,
and then there were four.

Four green shamrocks, near a beehive
Another one sprouted,
and then there were five.

Five little shamrocks, bright and emerald green,
Think of all the luck
these shamrocks will bring.


Click the picture below . You can find some worksheets to work with.




Tomorrow we are going to start with  our  St. Patrick´s activities. Take a look at the programme.



Some mischievous leprechauns were hidden  in our library and students in level 3 and 4 decided to catch them. At the 2011-03-16_2232end of the hunt , they got a pot of gold.


Estes días, uns traviesos duendes estiveron escondidos na nosa biblioteca e, os nenos de 3º e 4º, decidiron pillalos. O final do xogo  conseguiron unha pota de ouro.


       Let´s take a look at these photos.





And now, it´s time for students in level 5 and 6. They had a great time during the break becouse they had to work in groups to get a sweet pot of gold by doing different tasks.2011-03-17_2316



Thanks to all my colleagues for their help.


Moitas gracias

a todos pola vosa axuda!





On Friday 18th, students in level 1 and 2 participated in a funny activity during the break : a shamrock hunt. At the end of this activity, they got a sweet pot of gold too.



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    1. Espero que te sirva para algo porque yo lo tengo enfocado para primaria y que les guste a los niños. Me gusta mucho el video que les pusiste tú de Dublin y la manualidad.

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