23 opiniones sobre “Clothes materials”

  1. Hello teacher!!!! I am María, I am eleven years old, I am from Spain and I live in Quintillán.
    -In summer I prefer cotton T-shirts, denim shorts, headbands and leather trainers.
    -In winter I prefer cotton T-shirts, wool warm jackets, cotton leggings and leather trainers.
    -To go to the beach I prefer suimsuits with cotton T-shirts, cotton shorts, caps and plastic flip flops.
    -To do gymnastics I prefer cotton leggings, cotton T-shirts and cotton socks.
    -To go to school I prefer headbands, cotton T-shirts, wool jumpers and leather trainers.
    -To go to swimming I prefer plastics flip flops, swimsuits, goggles and my silicone fins.
    I love cotton, is my favourite material, but I hate silk, I don´t use silk.
    The clothes are very good!!

    1. Fantastic!!! Congratulations María for your writing.
      Claro, estructurado y con información adicional.
      Remember!! “swimsuits”, “Clothes are…” “it’s my favourite..” “plastic”

  2. Hello Teacher. I’m Andrés. I’m 11years old. In summer, I prefer a cap, cotton T-shirts, wool shorts and leather sandals.
    In winter, I prefer wooly hats, wool scarfs, wool polo shirt, wool tracksuits, denim jeans and wellington boots.
    Bye, Bye

  3. Hello teacher,I’m Carla,I’m 10 years old,I live in Forcarei.
    In summer,I prefer cotton T-shirts,leather sandals,denim shorts but,in winter,I prefer wool gloves,wool scarfs and woolly hats.In spring,I prefer cotton T-shirts,denim jackets,cotton leggings and silk scarfs but,In autumn,I prefer denim jeans ,wool scarfs,leather jackets and silk scarfs.

  4. Hello teacher.I´m Rocio,I´m 11 years old,I live in Meavia.

    In winter,I prefer wool scarfs,wool sweathirts,cotton leggings,leather boots and wool jackets but in summer,I prefer a cap,silk scarfs,cotton T-shirts,cotton shorts and lether sandals.
    In spring,I prefer headbands,cotton T-shirts,denim jackets and cotton leggings but In autumn,I prefer wool scarfs,wool jumper,leather jachet and denim trousers.

    Bye-Bye XXX

  5. Hello teacher I´m Uxia . I´m eleven years old. I live in Filloi.

    In summer, I prefer a cotton T-shirts, silk shorts and leather sandals.

    In autumm, I prefer denim jeans, leather trainers and silk weat shirts.

    In spring, I prefer leather trousers, cotton T-shirts and silk jackets.

    In Winter, I prefer a willy hat, wool jumpers, denim jeans and leather boots.

    BYE ,BYE.

  6. Hello teacher !!! I’m Silvia , I’m eleven years old, I’m from Spain and l’m live in Portela de Lamas .

    – In winter, I prefer cotton long sleeved
    tops ,wool jumpers , jeans , cotton socks and leather boots .

    – In summer , I prefer cotton T-shirts , denim shorts and leather sandals .

    – To go to the beach , I prefer swimsuits
    with cotton T-shirts , denim shorts , caps and plastic flip-flops .

    – To go to school , I prefer cotton T-shirts , cotton jumpers , leggings and leather trainers .

    BYE !!! 😁

  7. Hello!
    My name is Sarai. I’m eleven years old
    I from Spain and I live in Covas.

    In winter and in summer I prefer everybody materials.
    For example: /\ /\ 🖊️
    -wool (lana) (•__•)
    -cotton (algodón). /___\
    -leather (cuero). | |
    -silk (tela)
    -denim (vaquero)

    One look for my day is a white cotton T-shirt, a garnet wool jumpar with jeans, a black leather belt and trainers.
    Another look for my day is a black sweatshirt, cotton black and white leggins and trainers.


    1. Ok Sarai! “all kind/types of materials” “One of my favourite outfit for everyday wear is” “Another outfit for everyday wear is” “jumper”

  8. Hello,I ‘m Pablo.Im eleven years old I ‘m from Spain and i live in Forcarei(Pontevedra).

    -In summer, i prefer cotton trainers,shorts and cotton t-shirts.

    -In winter i prefer wooly jumpers,leather jackets, jeans and a wooly hat.

    -In spring i prefer cotton t-shirts , cotton long sleeved tops and leather shoes.


  9. Hello teacher!!!!!! I´m Manuel. I´m eleven years old. I’m from Spain and I live in Forcarei.

    In summer, I prefer cotton t-shirt, a cap, denim shorts and leather sandals.

    In winter, I prefer wool jumpers, wool jacket, wool globes, denim trousers and leather shoes.

    To go to the beach, I prefer cotton shorts, cotton T-shirt, a cap and sandals.

    to go to school, I prefer denim trousers, denim jackets, cotton T-shirt and leather boots.

  10. Hello teacher!

    I’m Germán. I’m twelve years old and I live in Forcarei.

    In winter, I prefer a wool hat, a wool scarf, denim trousers, leader boots and wool jacket.

    In summer, I prefer a cotton T-shirt, denim shorts jeans, a leather tennis, and a denim cap.

    BYE BYE.

    1. Well done Germán! But remember, when we talk about all jackets/T-shirts in general we use plural. I prefer woollly hats, cotton T-shirts or wool jackets….
      Rememeber “woolly hat” ” leather”

  11. Hello teacher .
    I’m Xabi.In my opopinion jet skiing and playing hokey are fun.
    I think skiin is boring.


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