Day of the book

Book Day

A book is a gift you can open time and time again.
~ Garrison Keillor

The 23rd of April we will celebrate `Book Day´. Many activities will take place in the World. And  Saint George’s day is always the 23rd of April, too.

O 23 de abril celébrase o Día do Libro. Moitas actividades ten lugar en todo o mundo para celebralo. E o Día de San Jorge tamén se celebra este día.

Do you want to know more about this special date in Catalonia. Take a look at this presentation.

View more PowerPoint from ateixidoca
Do you like reading? I think reading is the best way to celebrate this day. As this year is Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary, you can choose one of his famous books. Let’s learn more about him.
Gústavos ler? Creo que ler é a mellor maneira de celebrar este día. E como este ano celébramos o 200 Aniversario do nacemento de Charles Dickens, podedes escoller un dos seus famosos libros. Imos coñecer algo máis sobre el.

He is a very famous English writer. He was born in Porsmouth (UK) in 1812. When he was young he lived in London.
His father went to jail because he had some debts, so he had to start working when he was twelve years old.
He worked as a journalist in The Mirror of Parliament and in The Morning Chronicle.
Some of his most important novels are David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Hard Times and Great Expectations.
This is a video about his life.

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