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It´s Springtime!

This year Spring started on 21st April in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you want to play with me?

Look! Do you  know where the photo was taken? If you know it, send me a message with the right answer.

Sabedes onde foi tomada esta foto? Se o sabedes, mandádeme unha mensaxe coa resposta correcta.

Where was this photo taken?

8 opiniones sobre “It´s Springtime!”

      1. Good morning Alicia.
        This island is bigger and there is a big eye in one of its cities.
        I like playing this game with you.

        See you!

    1. That´s right! The photo was taken in London. Now, you know the name of the city but….. where? Try to find out the name of the place where you can see that house. I know you were there last year.
      Good luck! See you tomorrow.

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