Diana’s routines

Now, it's Diana's turn! Good job! You have been working hard this weekend! Tócalle a Diana  que estivo a traballar duramente este fin de semana. Noraboa polo traballo!

Let’s talk about it!

During the Week of Press, students in Level 4 became interviewers. The task was to design of a questionnaire to interview someone older than them in order to find out their tastes and personal preference. Finally, using the  information gathered , they wrote reports on their interviews and presented their works to the class. Furthermore,... Seguir lendo →

When I was six….

During these last weeks, we have started  working  with the Simple Past Tense in Level 6. And as final task,students wanted to remember when they were six. Here you have the ppts the have  been creating.  

The house of our dreams

How do you imagine your perfect house? This is the question I put to my students in Level 3. So, why don't  become interior designers? In this case, they had to works in pairs to design the room of their dreams. We had a huge house with six empty rooms: two bedrooms, a hall, a... Seguir lendo →

Let’s talk about our families

During these last weeks , my students have been learning how to introduce people and how to express feelings. So, as final task, we decided to bring school our families. Each student had to create a poster with photos of his/her family to introduce it. The children became  directors of their activity because they had... Seguir lendo →

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