Mission 2: A survey about frecuency

They got it! Mission 2 is over. In this new mission, students in Level 5 found out about the frecuency students in Level 6 do something at the weekend and wrote a short report. Nesta ocasión, os alumnos de 5º averiguaron a frecuencia coa que os alumnso de 6º fan unha actividade durante o fin... Seguir lendo →

What’s in my kitchen?

What a delicious mission!This time, students in level 6 had to write about their kitchen and the food they have in their fridges and cupboard. The mission had different levels: Level 1: Make notes Level 2: Draw or find pictures according to the notes. Level 3: Write a draft Level 4: Prepare the writing Level... Seguir lendo →

World Mission 2: My favourite subject

Here you have our last mission in Level 3 What an interesting mission!This time, they had to write about school timetables and their favourite school day and favourite subject. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better. The mission had different levels: Level 1: Complete your timetable Level 2:... Seguir lendo →

World Mission 2: A TV interest survey

World Mission 2 is completed in Level 4. In this new mission, students found out about TV interest in their class and wrote a short report.To do so, they had to beat different levels: Level 1: Write a questionare Level 2: Interview a friend Level 2: Interview Level 3: Write a draft. Level 4: Prepare... Seguir lendo →

World Mission 1 in Grade 4

World Mission 1 in Grade 4 is over. The last part of World Mission 1 involves presenting students' works and analizing them. It "allows students to develop a deeper insight into the quality of their own work through the assessment of peers’ work. Students take responsibility for assessing the work of their peers using the... Seguir lendo →

World Mission 1 in Grade 6

World Mission 1 in Grade 6 is over. Although it was a long hard task, the final leaflets were awesome. This time our work plan promoted single and group working. The goal of this mission was not just carrying out the task, but they had to learn how to work in small groups giving their... Seguir lendo →

My school bag portfolio

Writing in English is relatively difficult for students because English spelling is not predectible or consistent. On the other hand, in the first levels of primary, as students are still learning how to read and write in their mother tongue, developing this skill is a hard work. So, we usually focus all our attention on... Seguir lendo →

Technology and biographies

Students in level 6 were learning how to work with a word processor in technology. They learnt how to edit texts with colours and different font sizes and styles, or texts which will be printed. They also discovered how to make the edditing process easier using different instruments (tools) such as "copy and paste", spelling & grammar checker,... Seguir lendo →

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