Animal ABC videos 1

As you know, students in level 4 are working on a project about animals. Xa sabedes que os rapaces de 4º están traballando nun proxecto sobre animais. We decided to find out how many animals we were able to  remember. We realised that we remembered lots of them. Then, as we are reviewing the alphabet,... Seguir lendo →

Animal alphabet

Do you know that there are over 1 500 000 different species of animals in the world? But... How many animals can you name? Sabías que hai unhas 1.5000.000 especies diferentes de animais no mundo? Pero... Cantos podes ti nomear? Why don't we create our ABC Animal ? First, try to name all the animals... Seguir lendo →

Living and Non living things posters

The first lesson of our project in level 4 was about "Living and Non living things".And we have worked very hard! A primeira lección do noso proxecto en 4º foi sobre os SERES VIVOS e a MATERIA INERTE. E realmente traballamos arreo! After having recalled what we knew about this topic and watching a ppt... Seguir lendo →

Living and non living things

My students in level 4 are looking foward to starting a project about The Animal Kingdom becouse, they are really interested in all sorts of animals. But... Are animals living or non living things? Take a look at this prezi and you will learn how to distinguish what is living and nonliving. Os rapaces de... Seguir lendo →

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