The Very Hungry Caterpillar box

Who doesn't know this book? This quite simple book is a must-read for spring or for a bug theme.This book teaches kids the days of the week, colours and shapes, what food the caterpillar eats,and even offers a little counting or science lesson. Quen non coñece este libro? Esta é unha lectura moi sinxela imprescindible... Seguir lendo →

Napkin butterfly artcraft

We are really excited because spring is here. Warm and sunny days, colours everywhere, animals waking up, insects flying around, trees turning green and flowers growing make us feel really happy. So, we decided to celebrate this new season with this cute butterfly artcraft. You only need some everyday craft supplies like paper napkins, felt-tips... Seguir lendo →

Miss Spring stayhome activities

Over the last two weeks I have received many of the proposals designed for kindergarten students to go through this forced confinement in the most enjoyable way possible. I just want to say that each and every one of the activities I received far exceeded my expectations, and I have no choice but to deeply... Seguir lendo →

The sun and the cloud

Here you have the last activity of our Spring Project. As Spring is a good season to learn about weather, we use the story "The sun and the cloud" to learn why a rainbow appears in the sky. In adittion,this story ( Robby Rabbit 2-Macmillan) allows us to work in this issue in a fun... Seguir lendo →

I can see a rainbow too!!

Spring is the perfect time of year to teach children about the rainbow. A primavera é o momento perfecto do ano para falarlles aos cativos do arco da vella. So last Monday, Miss Spring came to our classroom and  told us that a long time ago, people thought rainbows were magical bridges across the sky... Seguir lendo →

Butterfly life cycle wheels

Butterfly life cycle wheels  provide a wonderful visual demonstration to help kids explain how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.All you'll need is a white paper plate, a coloring sheet  of the butterfly life cycle, crayons, glue and scissors.After teaching my children about the 4 different stages in the butterfly’s life cycle, they colored all of the stages.... Seguir lendo →

Butterfly life cycle

Many insects like butterflies have four separate stages of life cycle, each completely different from others. Mummy butterfly lays eggs on  green leaves. After a few days, a small caterpillar comes out of the egg. This caterpillar is very hungry and feeds voraciously, growing quickly in size. Once the caterpillar is big enough, it stops... Seguir lendo →

Egg carton caterpillars

We continue working on insects  in a fun way. I started this activity by having children watch "The very hungry caterpillar" film. It was fantastic to see how interested my kids got watching the film version of this Eric Carle's book. They liked it so much that  I had to read them the story each... Seguir lendo →

Insects in KIndergarten

Insects are very strange creatures but not all bugs are insects.During these two last weeks my kindergarteners explored the complex world of insects and this is what they have discovered. Os insectos son criaturas moi raras pero non todos os bichos son insectos. Durante estas dúas últimas semanas os pequechos exploraron o complexo mundo dos... Seguir lendo →

Insects or not insects?

Miss Spring sees lots of insects in Spring  but not all bugs are insects. Do you know what an insect is? Take a look at this video. Miss Spring ve unha morea de insectos na primavera pero non todos os bichos son insectos. Sabedes que é un insecto? Botádelle unha ollada a este video. Learn... Seguir lendo →

Parts of plants: a task in Kindergarten

Como xa sabedes, este ano en infantil deixamos de traballar cos libros de texto e apostamos polo traballo con proxectos. Decidimos comezar con algo que os nenos xa coñecen como son as estacións e empregar o inglés para coñecer o mundo que nos rodea. Este trimestre é o momento de traballar coa primavera e todo... Seguir lendo →

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