Good books about animals

Dear Zoo

If you could write to the zoo to send you a pet. What kind of pet would you like from the zoo?

In this lift-the-flap book written by Rod Campbell, you’ll discover many zoo animals! Some are HEAVY, some are SCARY, some are JUMPY, some are DANGEROUS! Which one is your favorite?

After reading “Dear Zoo”, you can work with the vocabulary on the story with this online worksheets. Enjoy them!


Halloween Storytelling Sessions

Halloween is just around the corner and things that go bump in the night can be quite scary for children so for this Halloween I’ve chosen a fun book-Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley that it will help them feel a little less frightened.

Halloween está a volta da esquina e as cousas que nos perturban polas noites poden asustar aos máis cativos. Por iso, este Halloween elexín un divertido conto titulado Go Away Big Green Monster de  Ed Emberley para axudarnos a perderlle un pouco o medo.

In this book, a scary monster appears, with sharp teeth and a green face and then by the magic of storytelling it slowly disappears making this a perfect book to help children deal with the fear of things that go bump in the night. The simplicity of the language used and also the repetition and rhymes make this is an interesting book to keep your childen’s interest and even participate as you read through.

Neste libro, un aterrador monstro aparece, con afiados dentes e unha cara verde pero, grazas a maxia dos contos, pouco a pouco vai desaparecendo convertíndose nun libro perfecto para xestionar o medo. A simplicidade da linguaxe, a repetición e a rima fan,desta historia, un libro perfecto para manter o interese dos cativos, e incluso que participen da narración  mentras se le.


” A Halloween Storytelling Session” was held at school as part of the activities organized to celebrate Halloween and my preschool children participated in it reading this Ed Emberly’s book. And we practised really hard after this event to be ready!!! Wacth!!

Este ano, dentro das actividades organizadas para Halloween, celebramos unha xornadas de contacontos de medo e, os meus alumnos de infantil participaron con este conto de Ed Emberly. Realmente, practicaron moito para estar preparados. Ollade!!!


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