Hi, everyone! Let's start a new unit in Level 5. In this unit we will learn about free time activities at the weekend. We will use adverbs of frequency and talk about how often we do things. Why don't we start learning the new vocabulary? Take a look at this video and then, have a... Seguir lendo →

Marvellous myths

We are going to start a new unit in Level 6 about myths and superheroes, Let's learn and practise the new vocabulary. Word quest myths from María Abilleira Pomar on Vimeo. And now, have fun with this quizlet!!!

Don’t worry! Let’s work at home

Bos días a tod@s. Xa tendes no blogue as actividades para este período de cuarentena. Tende paciencia porque a internet anda algo saturada estes días. Intentei deseñar unhas fichas doadas e amenas para repasar contidos xa traballados na clase. Cando as teñades feitas, tedes que mas mandar a ser posible nos plazos marcados para revisalas.... Seguir lendo →

Quizlet: irregular verbs

Do you fancy practising vocabulary in a funny and easy way? Click on the picture and you can find flashcards, quizzes and tests, or mini-games designed to familiarize you with the new vocabulary in unit 3. Start with flashcards(FICHAS) in order to listen and repeat the vocabulary. Go on with the different games such as... Seguir lendo →

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