Endangered animals first presentations

Today. two children from Level 6 showed us what they had found out about their favourite endangered animals. They prepared a Powerpoint presentation to illustrate their oral presentation. Congratulations...Good job!!! Hoxe, dúas alumnas de 6º  realizaron unha exposición oral do que averiguaran sobre os seus animais favoritos que, por desgracia, están en perigo de extinción.... Seguir lendo →

When I was six….

During these last weeks, we have started  working  with the Simple Past Tense in Level 6. And as final task,students wanted to remember when they were six. Here you have the ppts the have  been creating.  

Describing and comparing animals

The end of the school year is around the corner and my students in level 5 are preparing their last works before holiday break. In this task, they  have to choose two animals from an exercise they have already done in their activity books. After describing the animals and using the information given in that... Seguir lendo →

Oral presentations in level 5

Tomorrow Nadia, Adriana and Zaida are going to make an oral presentation in class.On this occasion,they have created a ppt to present their works on what they liked most when they were little and what they like most now.

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