2º ciclo, 3º ciclo, WORLD MISSION


Are you ready for a new mission?

Little Toad has a terrible flu and the evil Wario wants to keep all the medicines.

Mario must cross the mushroom kingdom in search of the antidote for the disease before it spreads and makes everyone sick.

Every time you beat a level, Mario will get the medicines to heal Little Toad.

3º ciclo, level 6, Level 6

What’s in my kitchen?

What a delicious mission!This time, students in level 6 had to write about their kitchen and the food they have in their fridges and cupboard.

The mission had different levels:

Level 1: Make notes

Level 2: Draw or find pictures according to the notes.

Level 3: Write a draft

Level 4: Prepare the writing

Level 5: Make an oral presentation

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