I have a lovely family

During some weeks, students in Level 1 were developing an unit about family. They worked really hard and here you have a summary of their work. What lovely families they have! You are very lucky to have such fantastic families!!!! Premede na imaxe para acceder ás actividades.

Family week

Last week, my students in kindergarten lived a great adventure with Daisy and Robin. In this occasion, they helped a family bird. And here you have a short summary. Click on the picture and use the menu to see the different pages.  

Let’s sing and play with the family

During these days my youngest children were working on the family words and it is obvious that they really enjoy this theme becouse their familiy is the centre of their universe.Do you want to know them? Durante estes días os máis pequechos estiveron traballando co vocabulario relativo a familia. É evidente que disfrutan moitísimo con... Seguir lendo →

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