Walking Through the Jungle

Do you want to be an explorer? Let's walk through the jungle. What animals can you see? What can you hear? Walk and creep and wade... but be careful who you might find out there! Walking Through a Jungle a story by Julie Lacome, is one of my students' favourite book about animals. It is... Seguir lendo →

Action week

Fai unhas semanas os alumnos de Infantil e 1º de Primaria moveron o esqueleto en compañía. Aquí vos deixo un resumo das actividades enviadas. Some weeks ago, students in Kindergarten and in Level 1 moved their bodies in family. Here you have a summary of the submitted activities. Click on the picture to see them.

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

As you know, we are working on a European project about ABCs. This term my students have to learn words related to Autumn and spell them. A scarecrow is one of the things Autumn see in our tale. With this cute song, children can learn some action in a fun way.  We'll also  use our... Seguir lendo →

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