Have you got a pet? What is your favourite pet? It's time to talk about our pets. Let's start with the vocabulary! And, now........Some funny worksheets to reinforcement the vocabulary. Click on the images and enjoy them.


What's your favourite toy? Are you ready to talk about toys?Here you have some worksheets. I hope you enjoy them.

Our town worksheets

Are you ready to practise how to describe town? Here you have some online worksheets that will help you. Don't forget to use the Grammar chart!! (Click here to download the resource)

What time is it?

Are you ready to learn how to say the time in English? Don't worry because it is really easy. Let's start with "O'CLOCK" When the long hand is pointing to number 12, we say "O'CLOCK". Here you have a picture to help you. Can you tell the time? Let's practice together! LET'S PRACTISE A LITTLE... Seguir lendo →

My town

This year is being made very hard for everybody, particulary for all those children who has to stay at home and continue to work. This month, some of my students has suffered this situation but, all they have overcome or are in the process of overcoming it with the help of their families and classmates. Students in level 4 wanted to... Seguir lendo →

Has got in Level 4

Let's practise at home with these easy and amazing worksheets. Don't forget to send them. Thank to ElsaTeacherMH and jesusalmansaleal for sharing their liveworksheets

Telling the time in Level 6

Let's learn how to say the time in English. It is very easy. Watch this video and take a look at the picture to learn more time in English. Let's practise o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to   Now, let's practice more times in English        


Take a look at this video from "Miss Puppi Channel" and review the spelling rules to form  comparatives. If you still have any doubts about the spelling rules , don't get nervous!!!! These funny animations can help you to make grammar rules crystal clear. And now.....Are you ready to practise what you have learnt?

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